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EURO AVIA® - A.T.O. is an Approved Training Organisation ( A.T.O.) for Flight Crew (Pilots) Training, certified by the Romanian Civil Aviation Authority as a Part ORA  Training Organisation with the privilege to provide Part FCL pilots trainig courses for: AIRBUS A310/A300-600 AIRBUS FBW (A320, A330/A340), Boeing B-737 300-900, BAe 146/AVRO RJ  MD-80/90 aircraft type. Our EASA - Part ORA,  Approved Training Organisation ( A.T.O.) together with our experienced  team  and our FTO/FSTD partners, we’re all dedicated to provide, in accordance with the EASA - Part FCL, Pilots’ training quality, service and flexibility. EURO AVIA® - A.T.O offers also Airliners Crew support for AIRBUS and Boeing aircraft type.